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The Office of Trade Policy & Analysis (TP&A) works to strengthen U.S. competitiveness abroad by 1) helping shape industry-specific trade policy 2) providing critical analysis and information to other Federal agencies, private sector partners, and Congress, and 3) Creating a positive domestic business environment by reducing the price premium associated with operating within the United States.

The Office of Trade Policy & Analysis pursues this mission by leveraging its analytical capabilities and its in-depth industry-specific knowledge to provide assessments and recommendations that improve the competitiveness of U.S. businesses.

The Office of Trade Policy & Analysis operations include: providing critical economic and policy analysis; ensuring industry and other stakeholder input into domestic, and international policy development, assessment, and implementation; managing private sector trade advisory committees; advocating on behalf of the interest of the manufacturing and service sectors regarding standards and regulations; and assessing the impact of foreign acquisitions of U.S. firms.

Duties for TP&A interns will vary by office, but may include researching and analyzing regulatory, and trade policy issues affecting the competitiveness of U.S. firms, working with staff and academics to develop and apply the economic tools necessary for regulatory, industry, and trade analysis, accompanying senior staff to intra-agency and interagency planning sessions on trade policy issues, drafting reports and preparing illustrative charts and graphs with regard to specific industries, and countries, and providing senior staff with sophisticated analyses of trends in trade, investment, and finance.

Qualifications: TP&A interns are drawn from a pool of graduate students and undergraduate upperclassmen. Candidates must have a strong interest in economics and international trade. Competitive candidates will possess the ability to communicate effectively, work independently, and prioritize assignments. Candidates with knowledge of a statistical package (SAS, STATA, or SPSS) are desired within some offices.

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