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The globalized economy presents increasingly intense competition from foreign suppliers in the export market. Moreover, U.S. companies currently face competitive pressures on an unprecedented scale. The Export Trading Company Act (ETCA) was created by Congress to enable U.S. firms to collaborate with each other to reduce their exports costs, become more efficient at exporting, and, in turn, compete more effectively in the export market.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of Trade and Economic Analysis administers the Export Trade Certificate of Review. Thousands of U.S. companies have already benefitted from these programs. If you or your company are interested in gaining a competitive edge in the global economy, please explore the following:


The Export Trade Certificate of Review provides substantive federal antitrust protection and procedural benefits to U.S. firms interested in collaborating on export activities. By coordinating with one another under the legal protection of this program, U.S. firms can reduce their shipping costs, boost their negotiating power, fill large export orders, and develop long-term export business.

For more details about this program and the application process:

Federal Register Notices

Application Instructions

Export Trade Certificate


For more information please contact: Amanda Reynolds

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